From August, 2016

I know profound – by James

I had only skirted the depths, I had only tiptoed on my anguish, I had but tempted my sorrow.   Losing my sweet Isabella and Thomas, brought me to my knees, no place to hide my pain, no place to bury my tears, only the unabated feeling of utter loss, utter devastation.   The knowledge that I will never hug you again, that I will never see your smiling face again, my daily cross to bear. I will not see you grow into beautiful people, I will never walk you down the aisle, hold your children and glow with the…

Your beach sunset – by Simone

My darling Thomas   Just as we have a beautiful beach sunset for your sister Bella’s sunset , we had one done for you as well. We had to wait more than 3 months for it to arrive but it was worth the wait! We are now going to have each of them beautifully framed and put up in our dressing room as the start of our memory wall for you and your sister.   Your mom loves you both, more than I will ever be able to put into words. xx

11 months today – by Simone

My darling Bella   It’s dark here, very very dark.   The massive waves come constantly and I feel like I am being held under water indefinitely. I feel like it’s the worst it’s been in the last 11 months. The undealt with grief from your death and the grief and trauma from your brother’s death. It’s all just so so much, too much. Thank goodness your dad is doing okay at the moment and he can carry us both. As exhausting as this grief is for me, I know it is also so hard for him as he feels…