I know profound – by James

I had only skirted the depths,

I had only tiptoed on my anguish,

I had but tempted my sorrow.


Losing my sweet Isabella and Thomas,

brought me to my knees,

no place to hide my pain,

no place to bury my tears,

only the unabated feeling of utter loss,

utter devastation.


The knowledge that I will never hug you again,

that I will never see your smiling face again,

my daily cross to bear.

I will not see you grow into beautiful people,

I will never walk you down the aisle,

hold your children and glow with the pride,

the contentment of being a witness to your life.


I will never be the same again,

not in a bad way,

The burning spear that was your lives,

now close to my heart,

close to my every waking moment.

I know profound.


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