From October, 2017

My Real Life Hero – by James

I have been absent from writing for a long time. Not because I am healed but more because I always meant the blog to be an outlet for Simone. I talk more easily than what she does you see. The last two years have been hard. My grief remains my daily companion, small reminders bringing the image of our departed children back to me. I constantly think about how great it would be to have three little monkeys running around our house, their giggling filling the space and our hearts. It is clear to me that Murray would dearly love…

Sometimes its just plain Sh!t… – by Simone

Today is one of those days. Just a complete emotional all-fall-down day. In fact the last few days have been tougher than normal. And today its 2 years and 1 month since our darling Bella left us.   Sometimes you know exactly where these real emotional lows come from, and other times they just hit you from out of nowhere. I know exactly why I am feeling the way I am feeling but the extent of how and what I am feeling has taken even me by surprise. More recently I have been doing well I think – well relatively…

My interview on Cape Talk with Melanie Rice – by Simone

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Melanie Rice on Cape Talk last night. Melanie has known James since school and contacted us when she wanted to do something on grief. Thank you Melanie for giving us this opportunity to talk about our journey and to try and help those out there that are grieving or trying to help the grieving. Please take a listen!