Thank you – by James and Simone

Its been almost 12 months since we started this blog. I must admit that in the beginning I was very skeptical about this whole “blogging” thing, about putting ourselves out there. But we were motivated by 2 things – wanting to ensure that Bella (and then Thomas’) names and memories continued to live on far beyond their time on earth; and wanting to help those who were also travelling a journey of grief. And we think that we have in some way been able to achieve these 2 things over the last year.


But we wanted to thank each and every one of you who read our blog, share in our journey with us, and who comment and encourage us, often in our darkest place.


We have been blown away by the number of people who have taken the time to engage with us and read our inner most thoughts. In the last 11.5 months we have had 15 021 visitors to our blog, with over 37 000 views. The largest viewership is from SA, UK, Australia, US and Canada, but we have had people from 106 countries reading our blog, from as far flung as Finland, Hungary, Panama, Czech and Serbia.


We have found having this platform extremely useful in this journey we are on. In helping us to express our grief, our ups and downs. In sharing how we feel to our friends and family without necessarily having to find the energy to verbalise it over and over. And in connecting with people who have had similar experiences to ours. So thank you, for the role each of you has played, and hopefully will continue to play, in sharing and keeping our childrens’ memories alive.


In case anyone is interested, the top blog posts are as follows: Our son Thomas , Its been 7 months – by Simone , A letter to my little girl from your mom, a month after you left us – By Simone , 8 months today – by Simone , A mothers eulogy to her son – by Simone , A father’s eulogy at his daughter’s memorial service…. – by James , A mother’s eulogy at her daughter memorial service…Monday 21 September 2015 , When your already broken heart shatters – by Simone , Wow, what a fright my Belsie – by Simone ,

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