A father’s eulogy at his daughter’s memorial service…. – by James

Simone (my wife)

You mean more to me than life itself

your grief now like an arrow through my heart.

I love now more with all my might

holding you close deep into the night.

I will let you grieve in your private space

be patient and gentle by whatever it takes.

We will find together in time some peace

To lay our special girl to eternal sleep.

We will share the pain and wipe away the tears

and be a rock to each other when we wake in fear.

I will cherish you my dear sweet darling wife

until the last waking breathe of my life.

Words alone cannot express the magnitude of the love I have for you in my heart for you.



Murray (my son)

My dear sweet child you are too young

to know that Belsie has gone to my mum.

I pray to keep the pain from you my boy

that we make Belsie’s memory part of your life’s joy.

You loved your sister with all her smiles

kissing her every morning and all the while.

Daddy will love and cherish you through his pain

reminding you always that you will see your Belsie again.

My darling angel Belsie

You brought me joy no words can tell

the pain of losing you hard to quell.

I gently hold your face to mine,

remembering your smiles forever time.

Our morning cuddles and holding my ears

will bring to me still so many tears.

I will build a place in our garden for you

Where we can sit quietly and think things through

I let you go now fly to god

Your perfect spirit forever etched in my heart.

Boopsie – I will love you forever and will send you kisses and loves every day of my life.

Your loving Daddy Pops


I have always been cynical about the concept of community, regarding other more distinctive groups outside of my own, only to have that sense.

The immense outpouring of love and support Simone and I and our families have experienced this week has been quiet unbelievable. It’s reminded me that we, by conscious or subconscious decision, often refuse to see what is in front of us.

We see you all standing here today, have received your hundreds of messages and felt the grace of your prayers and we thank you so very much.

Our special school community Bishops has been incredibly supportive from the instance we lost our daughter. Father and Mrs Wilke we will never forget what you have done for us in this time.

Friends may you and your families be blessed with peace, tranquillity and love.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.

Bishop Demond Tutu

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