My heart breaks a little more each time – by Simone

This morning Murray was playing with our puppy Daisy and was stroking her very sweetly. I commented on how nice he was being to her. He lent down, gave her a kiss on the head and said, “I love you so much Daisy, please don’t die.”

On hearing something like this my heart really does break a little. All I want to do is protect my child from heartache and pain. From loss and the harsh realities of life. And I know that I cant and that’s hard. I so wish I could just wrap him in cotton wool. He is not even 4 years old and has already experienced his own pain and loss, as well as having to deal with his parents hurting so very very much. Its a burden no little person should have to have dealt with. It will shape who he will become and I can only try and ensure it shapes him in a positive way, in building resilience, rather than in breaking him down.


  1. Oh how heart-wrenchingly sad and touching is that. Poor little mite. As you say hopefully it helps him to develop grit, resilience, and empathy and not make him afraid of, or closed to, being openly loving and risking hurt from loss in his life. This parenting thing is hard, especially when we are dealt these extra difficult hands in life. He is lucky you are so self-aware, resilient, and empathetic. He knows he is safe and loved, and that’s the most important thing. xxxx


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