Good morning my sweethearts – by Simone

Good morning my loves
As I type this I am sitting at your beautiful resting place. It’s crisp, cold in fact, but so beautiful. The river is fuller than a few months ago and the sound of it running is so soothing. I can hear the grass being cut in the distance. I immediately feel calmer. I am reminded of the words on your plaque, that you are “in each and everything”.
Since the interview last Wednesday I have felt quite unhinged, very emotional. I felt a bit like I had been run over by a bus!  I so enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again but it was a big emotional and mental battle for me. To keep my emotions in check on TV was quite a task and I have spent a huge amount of mental energy before and after thinking about everything. And crying a lot.
And so today I really felt like I needed to come and spend some time in your resting place with you, to try and return my balance a little. To just sit, breath and talk to you. And it enables me to immediately feel closer to you somehow.
I love you my darling children, more than I will ever be able to find words to express.


  1. Hi, you do not know me but I follow your blog and my heart breaks for you every time I read your posts. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that you and your family have been through, and still go through every day. There is nothing I can say to make the pain any easier, but your strength inspires me to be a better, more engaged mom to my little boys. I’m truly sorry that this had to happen to you. Cx

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  2. Hello daar

    Eers wil ek net ‘n stywe drukkie stuur. Ek ken jou nie en is aan die anderkant van die diep blou see in Australia.

    N vriendin het die tv program met my gedeel, 4 jaar terug het ons ook die hartseer pad gestap met ‘n kleinmensienwat se lewe nie eens begin het voor dit verby was nie en jou braaf wees en op tv praat oor jou hartseer het vir my so baie beteken. Wou net met jou deel dat jou sterk wees en oopmaak en eerlik praat oor jou Isabella en Thomas het vir so baie van Ons baie beteken, Dankie. Ek wou net vir jou liefde stuur, want jou deel was soos salf vir seer wat min ander kan verstaan. Sterkte vir die swaar dae.


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