My appearance on live TV – the Afternoon Express show – by Simone

I had the privilege to appear on live television yesterday on the Afternoon Express show on SABC 3. It was my first time on television and they all immediately put me at ease. The show is impressively run and it was a privilege to watch it all unfold. I really did just feel like I was sitting on the couch talking to friends and was hardly aware of the cameras etc and what was happening around me.



As you can imagine, most people/commercial organisations shy away from this sort of subject matter – its heavy!! But they were brave enough to face and embrace it! To have the opportunity to talk about our children, our loss of them and what we are trying to do to help others is indeed an extreme privilege, especially in this sort of forum. I have the privilege of life that our children were robbed of, and I want to make them so very proud of me. I am determined to make this a life worth living, if for nobody else but them.



To all the people who have contacted me, took the time to watch and just sent such beautiful words of encouragement and love – to say I am blown away is an understatement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This journey is a really really hard one and knowing that I have this sort of support makes it that much easier. There are no words to fully express my gratitude!



If you would like to take a watch, I start at 13.13 for a segment, then back again at 25.13 for another segment and then a final slot at 47.25.




  1. You were amazing Simone. In this and in everything you do. You are a wonderful person, and all your children would be so proud of you. Thank-you for sharing your story and message so bravely, authentically and gracefully.


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