Bella and Thomas’ final resting place – by Simone 

Our darling children
Today we laid your ashes to rest. Together, as they should be. In a very very beautiful and special place that we will be able to visit as often as we like.

Getting to this point has been a long and hard journey. How do you ever find the perfect place for your child’s ashes to be? But I know that it’s also an important part of the journey of grief. Another milestone that has to be reached. We have visited and thought of so many different places and options and nothing ever felt quite right, until now.

You have both been to this place often. Bella when you were alive, and Thomas when you were in my tummy. Murray absolutely loves it here, running around and playing in the beautiful gardens. I was here about 6 weeks ago with Murray, having morning tea and sitting and having some quiet time when it struck me that this would be the perfect place to have a special place for the 2 of you.

Fast forward 6 weeks and today we put your plaque on your bench in a very special part of the gardens that had been prepared just for us. We also buried both your ashes here. We specifically chose not to scatter the ashes as for both dad and I, opening up the sealed boxes in which your ashes had been placed didn’t feel right to us. There is a stream running right next to the bench, the amazing sound of running water, a reminder of life.

We miss you our children, so very very much. While today was so very hard, it is also wonderful to know that we will have this special place to go and visit you, spend time with you and talk to you.

We love you with all our hearts


  1. Hugs and love to you all. Your losses will be in our minds even as you enter 2017. May it be gentler to you-a time to reflect and heal-and not to harm.


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