The Story of Books – by Simone



You meet so many people in this grief journey, some who really go on to help you in dealing with your grief by sharing their own journey with you. Kate Polley is one of those people. She is quite remarkable and very inspirational, but most importantly, just so real. After experiencing the loss of one of her twin sons, Kate wrote her first book ‘Sam and Finn’ to share Sam’s story with her surviving twin, Finn, as well as her family and friends. Demand for the book spread and it was published and distributed worldwide, providing hope and comfort to many other families who had also suffered the devastating  loss of a twin. She has gone on to build out her range of books to deal with single and twin loss, adult loss amongst others. The books can be personalised to make the book specific to your loss.  What is so special about these books is that they are written with children in mind. They so beautifully articulate the loss of a child in a way children can relate to. Check out Kate’s website to learn more about these amazing books.


This also speaks to our blog and writing and why we continue to do it. You learn so much about yourself through experiences like we have had and you discover ways to help yourself cope. Writing has been one of those things for both James and I. Another way of coping is helping others who have felt similar pain cope with what they are going through. In sharing some of our inner most feelings and processes, we hope that we can help others to find hope in what can often feel completely hopeless. By doing all this it also gives us an opportunity to keep our childrens’ memories alive, for them to continue to impact us beyond their time here on this earth. For our loss of them to have some kind of “purpose”.


Kate invited me to write a guest piece for her December newsletter, and I wrote about our Yugen Tree. What motivated us to do this last year, and also how we will continue on with this as a new family tradition. You can read this here Our Yugen Tree


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