Our present from Belsie – our blessing, our gift, new life – by Simone

I thought long and hard before doing this post, as I have never been one to plaster this sort of thing all over social media. I was always too scared to “jinx” something. But in light of the fact that we have been so open about our inner most feelings over the last 4.5 months, our hurt, our sadness, I thought it also appropriate to share our joy.


We are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of August. I am 13 weeks pregnant and so far everything looks good. We feel blessed on so many levels. The fact that I have fallen pregnant so easily at the first possible opportunity, the fact that I have a new life growing inside me, the fact that in among our heartache and pain we can find some joy in new life.


I wont lie, I am also terrified on so many levels!!!! But I will work through this too. its all an important part of the process.


We truly believe that this is a gift sent directly from Bella. Here is a goosebump creating story for you – remember that beautiful sunset picture that was taken for us in Australia. It was sent through to me on the 6 January 2016 (after Bella’s name had been on a waiting list since October) and when I went to save the photo it saved on the date and time it was taken – 21 December, 7.30pm Perth time. I found out I was pregnant with this little monkey on the 21 December at 1.30pm SA time. So at pretty much exactly the same date and time I found out I was pregnant, that i was carrying new life, our daughters name was being emblazoned on the beach at sunset to be remembered always. I dont know about you, but I think that’s an amazing sign!!!


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