Our celebration of you today Belsie, mostly in photos – by Simone

Hi my baby girl

I know you saw it all but here are just a few snippets from the day. It was hard, so so hard, but as always made easier by the amazing support we received from our family, friends and community. We have been encased with love and support, oh how fortunate we are.

I cried a lot, but I also smiled for you and celebrated you. We talked about you, told Murray it was your birthday, remembered you and reminisced.

Terry came and did a beautiful blessing for us and for your garden, and brought your ashes home. Your brother even sat quietly on your bench while he prayed, no easy ask!! We then had some celebratory drinks and snacks for you. We had some helium balloons that we all wrote messages on and then we released them up to you, up to heaven.

Happy birthday baby girl, we love you .










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