Big big waves – by Simone

Hello my Belsie


The waves come and hit me when I least expect them. Big waves. I am traveling for the next 2 days and so I am away from your brother and dad, so maybe that’s why I am feeling them so acutely today. But they are almost overwhelming. I need to hold it together but it’s tough. I am feeling anxious being so far away from Murray and Dad, not just being a maximum of 5 minutes away from them if I need to get to them.


I also drove the road from Pretoria to the airport this afternoon and I had such a memory of doing that with you not long before you died. We had gone to visit Trace and her beautiful family for the weekend, just you and me, a “girls trip”, and we drove back to the airport on a Sunday morning. You sat so sweetly in your seat in the back, taking it all in, and “chatting” away. I had hoped you would sleep on the drive, but you were way too curious. How glad I am that I got that time with you, just you and me. There weren’t many opportunities like that, and I treasure the memory of each one so much.


I love you baby girl, with every part of me.

Your mom


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