Photographs – Bitter-Sweet – By Simone

Anybody who knows me knows that I am big into photos! It always used to drive my family mad as I used to insist on a whole stack of family photos being taken every Christmas and on other regular photo sessions. The photos on the walls in our home need a bit of an update. They were last done just after Bella was born so there are very few of her up. And I want to rectify that.


I have photos of her on my desk at work but I want to be able to look at her smiling face at home, as I remember it just before she died.


But how on earth do you go about choosing the “best” pictures of your little girl to put on the wall. Because every single picture is a treasure, a gift, a memory, a privilege. And I am extra lucky in that my sister is a professional photographer so I have some really beautiful photos!


Just after Bella died I tried to make a photobook for her but I wasn’t able to as I wasn’t able to narrow down to 200 pictures all those that I had of her. I couldn’t choose to delete a single photo, choose not to put any photo in a book. I still haven’t made her photobook. I will get there in time I know, but for now…


I am just so very very happy for each and every photo I have of her. And also just so very very sad that there will never be any more of her. That we will never get to see her grow up, never take pictures of her first day at school, each birthday, riding her bike for the first time, her first dance, with her first boyfriend, on her wedding day. The list goes on and on. But I am grateful for the 7.5 months of photos that I do have.


So wish me luck as I try to choose a very few of the many treasured photos to put on our wall


IMG_1778 IMG_1874 IMG_2023
IMG_2199 IMG_2327
IMG_2563 IMG_2960 IMG_3313 IMG_3625 IMG_3956

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