Bella’s memory quilt

When your child dies, one of the things you have to figure out is what to do with their clothes. And let me tell you, that is no easy feat! It’s fraught with so many difficult decisions!

I burnt the clothes she died in which was somewhat cathartic and I had seen some ideas of people using some of their loved ones clothes to create a memory quilt. But this definitely was something that I could not do myself – both because I lack the creative ability and would also have found it way too hard.

So my step-mom Debbie offered to make something for me. We went through Bella’s clothes and chose a few special items that she wore a lot. And I left the rest up to her.

The front with the dress we christened Bella in. The writing and inside border is out of another dress of hers and Debbie made the edging material herself!
Each part is a piece of Bella’s clothing – jerseys, pants, jeans, babygros, dresses. Each one so treasured. And the angels represent Bella and Thomas

How incredible is that??? It’s all made out of special items of Bella’s clothing and even includes her dummy chain.

It has been a real labour of love by Debbie and her mom, Di, and I will treasure it forever! It has given me something to hold onto of hers in an amazing way.

Murray and I spent time looking at it this evening and he just loves it. He looked at every bit, felt it all, and then wrapped himself in it and said it smelt like Sissie.

Thank you so so much dear Di and Debbie for their incredible gift, I will treasure it forever. Xx

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