Happiness and love at your resting place – by Simone

This afternoon I had the most amazing experience at The Vineyard Hotel, at your bench, where your ashes are buried. I met a dear friend there (whose little boy went to heaven a year ago) for a catch up and as we walked down towards tyour bench I was met with this sight.



A perfectly planned marriage proposal which was about to take place. We chatted to the guy who informed us that his girlfriend would soon be arriving and that he hoped she would say yes. He had sent her on a “treasure hunt” to all their favourite places that had significance to them and she was currently on her way to him.


We went and sat a bit further down in the garden and about 15 minutes later walked to take a sneak peak. The timing was perfect. We were met by the sight of him going down on one knee, proposing to his love. When we left, about 45 minutes later, we congratulated them and I shared with them the significance of our bench.  While I found the whole experience incredibly emotional in so many mixed ways, tt again cemented for me why we chose this place to lay you to rest. I wanted you to remain a part of every day life, to be in a place of happiness and beauty, where you got to “see” beautiful life experiences unfold in front of you. I felt you with me more than normal and felt extremely privileged to have seen the afternoon unfold as it did.



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