Celebrating a good cancer check up – by Simone

I had my 6 monthly cancer check this afternoon with my oncologist and plastic surgeon. I had been quite worried about it to be honest. I was pretty convinced that my cancer markers would have gone up again. With everything that my body has been through over the last few months, I honestly never assumed it would be any different. My body has been tested almost more than it was able to deal with and I know that that is when issues in your body, like cancer, are often exposed.

But my tumour marker has stayed nicely low and they can’t see or feel anything ominous. I still have to have my annual scan, but they are not expecting that to show up any issues.

So this check up marks 7 years to the month since I had surgery to get rid of the cancer.

I am reminded to be grateful for the benefit of each day that I have been given. Each day truly is a gift, even those when I feel challenged almost more than I am able to withstand.

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