Remembering to give thanks…by Simone

So it’s that time of year – Christmas, New Year, holiday time. And with this comes a massive mix of emotions. Happiness and joy at seeing Murray’s excitement around Christmas and Father Christmas, reliving again all the excitement I used to feel as a child. Sadness that his brother and sister are not here to celebrate with him, seeing his craving for a sibling to share this all with.

Deep deep grief for ourselves, but also almost more so for those parents who I have met who have lost children in the last 12 months and for whom they are navigating another “first”. I remember our first Christmas after Bella so so clearly and how awful it was.

But as we now do every year, something which we started that first Christmas without Bella when we just couldn’t bring ourselves to celebrate Christmas, we have set up our Yugen Tree to give thanks for our blessings this year and the things we are grateful for. James and I wrote on a number of hearts and then we invited my family to do the same, to take the time to give thanks and remember. I also took time out yesterday to spend time with our darling children at their resting place. I always feel a sense of calmness there.

May you all have a blessed Christmas with your family and loved ones and may each of you take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to be grateful for your blessings this year.


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