Harsh realities – by Simone 

We are away on holiday. Which is just wonderful and something we have been looking forward to for a long time. And it’s just wonderful here. But this time last year we were here, Bella had only been gone from our lives 7 months and I was pregnant with Thomas. We booked to come back here as we left last year, anticipating that we would be here with Murray and an 8 month old, our little Thomas. But we all know how that ended.
As I sit here at the pool watching Murray, he has already told 2 families about his “Sissie” and Thomas who died. All just his way of processing things. And you can just see how much he misses having a sibling, how much he craves a companion.
My heart breaks for him…and for us…
Belsie and Thomas, how we wish things were different. We miss you so very very much xx

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