Bits of our story might be in a book! – by Simone

I had a really cool experience yesterday morning – I got to spend an hour speaking about my darling children, significant events in my life and how they have shaped me.


2 girls from Switzerland, Sandra and Sandra, are putting together a book called “People – Like You and Me”. The goal of the book is to capture a person in photography and then to share their story. Their goal is to capture 80 people and their stories. They are speaking to people about a special turning point in their lives, and how this has defined/changed who they are. Each interview starts off with the same question, “What was the most defining moment in your life?” and then goes from there. They have travelled all around the world doing this and now their travels have brought them to Cape Town.


They came across our story through my dad (don’t ask…its a long story and proves that the world is indeed too small) and came to talk to me. What a privilege it was! The idea around their book is so lovely, and both of them are warm, empathetic and easy to talk to. I talked a bit about what I see to be the 4 major turning points/defining moments in my life – losing my mom when I was 8 years old, my fight with cancer, the loss of Bella and the loss of Thomas. And how each of these have shaped who I am, have given me resilience beyond what I realised that I had, and have helped me to overcome challenges in my life. To appreciate the gift of life every single day. To live it the best I can. Because no matter the cards you are dealt, life really is a blessing and it is always worth living!


What I love about these chance opportunities is that in each and every way through these interactions and dialogues we are enabling our children’s lives to live on beyond their time on this earth. Thomas and Bella are being remembered, talked about and put into print. Their lives, even though so very short, are impacting others, hopefully helping others to live a more meaningful life.


Sandra and Sandra – Thank you to the two of you for taking the time to meet with me, to listen to my story, and to allow me to talk about my children.


Their facebook page is and they hope to complete their book midway through next year.

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