Taking time to acknowledge and celebrate the good – by Simone

Its easy to become bogged down in the bad and to start believing that nothing good will ever happen. Well not easy, but after all the challenges that have been thrown our way the last 9 months, the bad can sometimes overwhelm.

And so today I take time to acknowledge and celebrate the good. I had a PET scan yesterday and I got the results today – its all clear! The relief couldn’t be more real and quite frankly, overwhelming. After my bad blood results 4 months ago, the death of Bella and Thomas, and the stress that my body has gone through both physically and emotionally, it was quite easy to think that the cancer was back. To be told that some of my worst fears have not come to fruition and that we can celebrate life – well its hard to put into words.

Yesterday, before I went for my PET scan this reminder from a year ago popped up on Facebook – “Today marks 4 years of being cancer free. I am grateful for every day and for the real miracle of life. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband James Blanckenberg and 2 incredible children (that we were told we could never have), a family and friends who are always there for me, and a job that I love. Every day is a gift and I take today especially to remember that.”

And so today I mark 5 years of being cancer free. A big milestone in and of itself. I am grateful for the gift and miracle of life. I am blessed to have an amazing husband who loves and supports me through the darkest of times. I have a healthy, amazing, gorgeous, bubbly little boy, Murray, who I cherish and love more than is possible to put into words. I have our 2 angel children, Bella and Thomas, who look down at us from heaven, who we miss so desperately but who we were blessed to know for the time that we did. My family and friends continue to love, cherish and support us and I have a job I love. Despite life’s challenges, every single day is a gift. And I take today especially to remember that.


  1. Every day is indeed a gift! Your unbearable challenges have certainly taught me that. Especially with my own children! Thank you for always sharing your raw emotions!
    Lots of love my friend….I think of you always and so wish I was closer to spend some time with you again.
    Love Trace


  2. Sjoe, a sigh of relief. Can’t wait for years to mark my niece’s victory too. Hope you have a calm weekend.


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