Shine down on us – by Simone

My darling Belsie


Today we head off on holiday for a bit (and you would have been 14 months old today). It’s a holiday that we booked when you were still alive, with a few other families, all with children of similar ages. The holiday had so many dreams, thoughts and hopes attached to it. It’s taken quite a mindset shift to get my head around you not coming with us, the holiday not being as I had imagined it would be.


I wasn’t able to sleep last night so got up to watch TV. Note to self: don’t watch Greys Anatomy where they are delivering a 23 week old baby! I had a good cry which was maybe a good thing actually.


Belsie, even though you won’t be with us physically you will be with us in spirit every moment of the day and night. I know you will be looking down on me, your dad and your brother, and your little friends that you would have been having such fun with, willing us to soak up each ray of sunshine, grain of sand, activity, outing and quiet moment.


We miss and love you every moment of the day and night

Your mom


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