A moment at the beach – by Simone

Good morning precious girl

My heart bleeds for you today. We are on the beach with your precious brother and he is running around having an absolute ball with your dad in the waves. Running up to them as they retreat from him and then running away from them as they come towards him again.

I am sitting on the towel, watching them play, and being so acutely aware of the lack of your presence. You would have been just over 10 months old now, and I know you would have been sitting here next to me, stuffing sand into your mouth, exploring all your new surroundings and just having a great time! I sit here crying behind my sunglasses (a common occurrence these days), yearning for you with a physical pain I didn’t know was possible.

Look down on me precious girl, let me know you are happy and safe.

I love you and miss you with all my heart

Your mom

PS. I asked above that you let me know you were safe and sound. And not even 2 hours later you did, thank you my baby angel girl. I had just put your brother down for a sleep and was sitting on the bed in our room and heard a vibrating sound. Initially I thought it was your dad in the workshop, but it wasn’t. It was my electric toothbrush…it’s happened once before, about 2 months ago when I asked for a sign…and now again. Thank you baby girl, I love you xx


  1. Afternoon, Sorry this has nothing to do with the actual post you wrote above.. Just wanted to know if you’ll share a picture of the bench here on the blog or if I should ask Vusi to send me a copy from James…Much love,Thandi


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