If I could hold you – by James

224I know it’s wrong I know you’re gone, but

for you in my arms, one last song.

My mind is full of your smiling face,

my hands tremble, I cannot brace.

When I sit with boy boy for his morning milk,

my love for you pulses, sharp like silk.

I shed a tear with him because he knows,

he pats my head he remembers our rose.

The pain I know will go in time,

but oh I miss you, face sublime.

The void in me a massive gape,

I know in time I will escape.

My dear sweet mom is there with you,

her humour and cuddles see me through.

Lord I pray your love will embrace,

our dear dear child safe in your holy place.

The road to walk to claim you back,

but only in memory, a brightening fact.

The journey is long, the battle blue,

there is solace in thought, because god holds you.

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