Bella’s special beach sunset – by Simone

imageWe received a gift today from the mom of a dear friend of mine, Cherri. Cherri has known me since I was 12 years old and had been wonderful to us over this time (as well as in other challenging times of my life). She always seems to know the right thing to say and through her own hardships and heartaches has really learnt how to be empathetic and how to reach out and help others. Cherri made contact with CarlyMarie (whose story is below) and had this very beautiful beach sunset for Bella captured for us.


We are going to frame this picture and it will be up somewhere very dear in our home, to remember our little girl always. The most wonderful thing about this image is that it is completely timeless, will never age, and reminds us of our darling daughter every single day.


Thank you Cherri, from the bottom of our hearts for our gift, a message from our darling daughter which will be treasured forever. Xx


CarlyMarie’s story: “Once upon a time we had a little boy named Christian. On the day he was born we held him in our arms and whispered all of our love to him. As much as we wanted him to stay with us here on Earth, it wasn’t to be and maybe he had other adventures to take on in another realm. When it was time say goodbye to our son, we spoke many blessings over him and then we gave him over to our midwife. We never saw him again. Broken-hearted, we struggled to see light and beauty in the world again. We were caught in the darkness for a very long time until one evening Christian peeked through one of the star openings in sky. He reached down and touched me in my sleep. In my dream, Christian showed me how happy he was and he planted a seed in my heart that opened the door to life again.


It was a dream that changed our lives.


Living without a piece of your heart is at times almost impossible. I had to find an outlet for my grief…


Each and every piece of my artwork here is created with a blessing for peace. The works are all created on the same beautiful beach called Mullaloo here in Perth, Western Australia.


It is a sacred place of healing to me and now so many thousands of people around the world. It is where I feel free to express my creative heart and spirit.


All of my photographs here are created to honour those that have left this earth.
This is not a large commercial business. It is one beach and one artist. My artwork is a love letter to my beautiful son and all my family and friends who have left this world before me. All funds received go back into running Project Heal and the Luminous Light Project, anything left over goes to feeding my beautiful children. So thank you for supporting my work. It is because of you that I am able to keep on creating.


The Seashore of Remembrance gives families the opportunity to honour a loved who has passed away in a unique and meaningful way. I inscribe names in the sand under sunsets and draw butterflies for babies, children and adults of any age or gestation that have passed away.


The loss of a loved one is painful no matter what their age is. When young children pass on we weep for the time on Earth that they missed out on. For older loved ones, we weep for ourselves that we will not be able to share more special times with them.”


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