My 1000 foot wave arrived – by Simone

My angel child, I feel like my heart is shattering into 1000 pieces. I miss you tonight with a hurt I didn’t know was physically possible to endure.

I keep on seeing that beautiful, happy, shining face of yours and then I remember that I will never get to kiss you or hold you again and the pain is too much.

I feel like a million daggers are being stuck into my body and someone is trying to rip my heart out my chest. I long for you, my entire body aches for you.

The waves are rolling in, over and over, 1000 feet tall, buffeting me from side to side, dumping me over and over so that I can’t catch my breath. I am trying to come up for air but it keeps pulling me back down.

Moms precious child, my little Belsie Poopie Pops, I love and miss you more than is possible to ever explain. You are forever in my heart, my mind, my life, every second of every day.


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